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Following a career at Director level in the UK, Germany, Spain and USA, Michael set up and ran two companies in the UK. One has since been sold, while the other prospers giving business advice to start up companies as well as facilitating a business growth programme.

He has in recent years assisted over 200 companies in starting and building their business, acting in the role of Business Adviser focusing on business planning with specific Sales and Marketing emphasis.

This role involves a thorough understanding of the needs of SME’s and the ability to identify key factors in the business that will permit it to succeed and prosper. Getting the basics right from the outset reduces the inevitable stress and strain of starting a business. Michael’s abilities to coach, mentor, council and advise management teams, facilitating the formulation of new strategies and assisting with the implementation of agreed actions is a trademark characteristic.

His career started in Sales and Marketing, but quickly progressed to General Management, which he practiced in a number of countries throughout the world, giving considerable insight into the cultural and operational differences between countries. Experience of many different market sectors and the development of multinational management teams has been achieved through a patient and skilled understanding of their needs.

Michael is a Member of the Institute of Business  Consulting (MIBC.) has an MBA and was awarded a Diploma in Business Support issued by the Chartered Management Institute in December 2008.

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